I strongly believe that the greatest way you can help a person is by teaching them that they are the only person who can ultimately help them and to give them to the tools they can use to make the changes they want happen. So today I wanted to write a post on one tool I was given that I have found to be of great use, and that is mindfulness and in particular, meditation. Meditation is truly a great tool that we can each use to shape our minds into patterns that will aid us rather than harm us. Various forms of meditation have actually been studied and found to have a permanent, positive impact on the way our minds work. Previously it was understood that meditation most definitely had immediate impact on the mind and also body, most particularly the autonomic nervous system, which is  where our stress signals originate. Now it is beginning to be understood that meditation actually changes our autonomic nervous system if we make meditation a habit, even when we are not meditating! On top of this we can learn to gain greater concentration and a clearer understanding of how our minds work that are imperative in teaching us how to better use our greatest instrument. But don’t let me be the only one telling you! Check out these other resources I found when doing research for this post. It is pretty fascinating how much science can teach us! Hopefully you can use this tool to help act as a catalyst to positive change. 






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